Organizational Analysis

In Organizational Analysis and Design projects the major issue is how people inside of your business – such as employees, shareholders, and contractors – influence its success.


What We Do:

Determine what business functions should be centralized and what should be decentralized, Recommend how business functions can be adjusted to work more effectively, Diagnose the causes of disfunction and dissatisfaction within a company, Document employee climate.

Who We Study:

Executives, Professionals, Employees, Suppliers,

Types Of Client Companies Include:

Advertising Agencies, Communications, Technology, Financial Services, Health-Care Products and Services, Computer Products, Telephony, Publishing, Packaged Goods, Durable Goods.

How We Work:

We will speak with you to identify what information is most important. We will articulate why the information is important and how it can help your business. We will design the research, implement the project, and write a complete analytic report highlighting the main findings and the implications for your business. We can work with you to help you change the structure of your company so that it can function better.

What Is Distinctive:

We are your consultant at every stage of the project. We will think carefully about how to interpret the research results correctly and how these findings can be used to your company’s advantage. We are sensitive to the issue of diplomatically dealing with people within your company.